"Crazy" Nutritious Foods to Put in Your Kids' School Lunches

Do you know the best foods to pack in your kids' lunches?

The Original Smart Cookie/ DCL

Cookies, PB&J, chips, soda, maybe a box of raisins…. Sounds similar to what you fill your kid's lunchbox with? Do you really think that chocolate, fat, sugar, and a little fruit is the best mid-day meal to power your child through the rest of the afternoon? Think again. I know… "but that's what they like." That's why it's time to do two very important things when it comes to lunch food: 1. Hide healthy ingredients in seemingly junky "treats," 2. Introduce new things that- surprise- your kids will actually not just love, but ask for. I'm talking energizing, brain-powering, attention focusing, organic, balanced AND tasty "super," omega-rich, and multi-tasking foods.

Sharon Richter; a registered dietitian and certified dietetic nutritionist who helps create personalized eating plans to fit anyone's lifestyle says that what is most important is getting kids involved. They are much more likely to eat the food if they help make. For lunch she suggests Quinoa, Edamame, Sunflower Seed Butter (instead of peanut butter), and Greek Yogurt- great sources of protein. For a vitamin boost, she likes Eboost instead of sports drinks. It's fun to add to water, filled with vitamins, and sweetened with all-natural stevia.

Keep reading to learn a few of Sharon's healthy suggestions to give your child a healthy kick in the pants before and during school.