Appetizers come in all shapes and sizes and can set the tone for the rest of the courses. Learn how to prepare and how to enjoy some of the most creative appetizers you've ever tasted.

Cheese Appetizers are certainly more than the average cheese ball. These delectable morsels will show your friends and family that you are a true culinary connoisseur.

Dips & Spreads range from the standard Chips and Dip to the more extravagant Ginger-Lemon Cheese Spread with Pineapple-Peach Sauce. Learn how to make both dips & spreads and everything in between.

Whether you serve Meat Appetizers such as Three Mushroom Ratatouille or Brats in Beer, your next party can feature splendid meat appetizers.

Roll-Ups & Quesadillas make for wonderful appetizers because they are easy to make, easy to impress and easy to clean-up.

Seafood Appetizers always seem to reel in the complements from friends and family. Learn how to make all sorts of seafood appetizers like Tuna Schooners and Devilish Crab Puffs.

Vegetable Appetizers are perhaps the simplest of the appetizers to prepare, but with recipes like Waldorf Appetizer Pizzas and Mushrooms Mary Louise, your next appetizer doesn't have to be plain at all.