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Cocktail Quiz

Drinkers are bound to have a favorite cocktail, whether it's a fruity Cape Codder or a stiff sidecar. Cocktails have evolved from simple combinations of sugar, spirits and juice to complex blends of flavored syrups and infused liquors.

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  • 10 Essentials to Keep a Stocked Bar

    10 Essentials to Keep a Stocked Bar

    Whether you're the kind of barkeep who throws impromptu happy hours or one who hosts lavish parties, you have to keep a stocked bar. These 10 essentials will get you through a thirsty summer, the holiday season and bad Mondays. See more »

  • 10 Mind-blowing Alcohol Facts

    10 Mind-blowing Alcohol Facts

    Americans tend to think of their Puritan forebears as abstemious killjoys. But the truth is, they drank far more liquor than Americans of today. What other alcohol-related fact bubbles can we burst for you? See more »

  • 10 Summer Drink Recipes

    10 Summer Drink Recipes

    As school lets out for the summer and temperatures start to rise, kids of all ages head outside to play. During all of this fun, everyone needs to stay hydrated -- and you can do it without another glass of boring water. See more »

  • 5 Cool Kiddie "Cocktails"

    5 Cool Kiddie "Cocktails"

    The noble art of mixology goes a long way past alcohol. These five kiddie "cocktails" are perfect for parties, special occasions or just a hot afternoon. The days of raising plastic cups of milk to toast are gone for good. See more »

  • 5 Great Hot Chocolate Recipes

    5 Great Hot Chocolate Recipes

    On a cold winter day, nothing can compare to a frothy mug of hot chocolate. To make it even better, just add a spoonful of whipped cream or a handful of marshmallows. But don't get tired of the same old drink; spice it up. See more »

  • All Hopped-up: Beer Quiz

    All Hopped-up: Beer Quiz

    From barley to beer heads, the world of beer is as complex as it is delectable. Put on your Cicerone hat, and have a beer blast by taking this quiz! See more »

  • Apple Cider 101

    Apple Cider 101

    Cider is the signature beverage of autumn, but you may be a little confused about the difference between apple cider and apple juice. Don't worry, it's a common question and has an answer that differs all over the United States. See more »

  • Bartending Quiz

    Bartending Quiz

    The best bartenders have an encyclopedic knowledge of cocktails and know how to keep things rolling while letting the liquor flow. Take our quiz to test your knowledge of all things bartending! See more »

  • Bottoms Up!: The Bitters Quiz

    Bottoms Up!: The Bitters Quiz

    Made from roots, herbs and fruit soaked in alcohol, these potent concoctions reveal subtle flavors hiding in your favorite libations. Take our quiz to see how much you know about this often underused bartending tool. See more »

  • Can water go bad?

    Can water go bad?

    People often store water for emergencies, but you might be surprised to find out that water can go bad just like fresh food. How can you store it safely? See more »

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