Bread and Muffins Recipes Channel

Breads & Muffins are staples for most meals. See the variety of bread & muffin recipes you can choose from to round out your favorite meal.

Basic Dough is a section where you can learn the basics of making all kinds of bread, including white, rye, multigrain and more.

Biscuits & Scones are full of variety. Some can have fruit or meat inside and others can be garnished with your favorite cheese or even jam and jelly.

Coffeecakes can make the perfect brunch or early dinner snack over a warm drink amid pleasant conversation. Learn how to make coffeecakes from these recipes.

Muffins can be big or small, and they can have a top or none at all. Muffins can be fruity or they can be plain, so read these muffin recipes again and again.

Quick Breads can be made in just a few simple steps. Try these quick bread recipes such as Celtic Knots or Applesauce-Spice Bread and you'll want to bake them all.

Rolls & Buns can be as varied as the meals they accompany. From cinnamon rolls and chocolate buns to hot cross buns, these recipes will look and taste good on any plate.

The Yeast & Bread Machine section is the place to find all the recipes you've ever wanted to make the most mouth-watering bagels and braids and loafs and rings.