Breakfast and Brunch Recipes Channel

Breakfast & Brunch are the most important meals of the day says conventional wisdom. Learn how to prepare healthy and delicious breakfasts and brunches from casseroles to french toast and pancakes to parfaits.

Casseroles & Dishes are hard to pass up, especially when they have such tasty ingredients mixed together. Read these recipes and make a Dippy Breakfast or a Pita in the Morning.

Eggs & Omelets make a great breakfast and brunch dish. They're light and fluffy, but filling at the same time. See how you can put some variety in your eggs & omelets with these recipes.

French Toast is not only for Europeans. Anyone in the world can appreciate a hearty helping of toast dipped in egg, cooked and dusted with sugar and drowned in hot syrup.

Oatmeal & Granola are the perfect lite fare. Add some fruit and a thirst-quenching drink and you have the perfect breakfast or brunch.

Pancakes & Waffles don't have to plain. Read these recipes and learn how to add your favorite fruits and toppings to make this breakfast and brunch item jump off the table.

Parfaits & Yogurt are a great way to get your day going. Pour on your favorite fruit to plain or flavored yogurt, sprinkle with nuts and you have a healthy beginning to a brand new day.

Pastries & Crepes can turn an ordinary breakfast or brunch into a tasty treat. Check out our recipes for pastries and crepes that also include danishes.