One of my favorite things to do during lunchtime, when I'm too busy to cook and instant macaroni and cheese isn't going to cut it--even if it is organic--is to tote my stainless steel Tiffin carrier to my neighborhood Polish diner for some authentically Slavic homecooked fare.

My three-tiered lunch box--which I purchased in Chinatown, but you can also find at To-Go Ware--is an old-school style that was popular in India and Southeast Asia during my grandparents' generation, long before the advent of disposable Styrofoam and plastic takeout containers. With so much talk these days about leaching and off-gassing, especially with plastics, there's no time like the present for nonreactive stainless steel to make its comeback as the lunch box of choice, even if it's simply to transfer your piping-hot takeout home. And look Ma, no waste!

Difficulty level: Easy