Finding humane eggs is worth the effort!

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Cage-free. Organic. Range-fed. Humane. We know the terms, and we see them on the labels of the egg cartons at the store. But can we trust them? And just what do they mean?

Luckily, there are two tips you can take to reduce your stress around which eggs are best for the environment, the chickens, and you.

First, we have to erase any trust we put into pictures of happy chickens and the meaningless terms like cage-free or organic scrawled on the cartons. These terms are too broad to trust at face value. When we read "cage-free" that might mean that the chickens are packed into one large hen-house and while not technically in cages, they aren't exactly living in humane, comfortable conditions. And when we read "organic," we can't be completely sure if that means the hens are raised without antibiotics, or if they were fed organic feed, or what.

So erase those, and keep your eye out for another label altogether, one that we can put just a touch more trust into.