Kelly Rossiter

Well, it's National Pie Day in the U.S and we here at the Planet Green test kitchen never pass up an opportunity to celebrate pie. In fact, we love Pie Day so much we also eat pie on Pi Day on March 14.

When my son's girlfriend invited us to a dinner party she was having and told me all the food would be Quebecois, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to celebrate National Pie Day and to introduce our American readers to the quintessential Canadian pie, the Tortiere. There are probably as many ways to make tortiere as there are families in Quebec, but I have chosen a recipe that is pretty straight forward and more or less traditional. Although the tortiere is a feature in many homes for Christmas Eve dinner, it's still a pretty popular meal throughout the winter.

It's a fantastic cold weather meal, perfect for dinner after an afternoon of skiing or skating. You can make the pie in advance and then just warm it up in the oven before you are ready to eat. Serve some homemade chutney or pickles with it, add a green salad and you have a wonderful filling pie dinner.