Christmas Castle Photo
Christmas Castle

YIELD Makes 1 castle

You can almost imagine Santa and his elves residing in this fairyland castle. It's magically easy to make–no baking needed!

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2 containers (16 ounces each) vanilla frosting
1 ice cream sugar cone
Decorations: Chocolate nonpareil candies, candy canes, chocolate-covered wafer cookies, red cinnamon candies, red and green gumdrops, miniature butter cookies, miniature fudge-striped cookies, candy fruit slices and other assorted cookies and candies
1 empty 1/2-gallon milk or juice carton, rinsed and dried
1 empty 1-quart milk or juice carton, rinsed and cleaned
1 empty 1/2-pint cream carton, rinsed and dried
1 (13X11-inch) cake board, covered, or large tray


  1. Fold down pointed ends of milk cartons to make flat surface; tape securely. Tape cream carton closed at top; tape to top of 1-quart carton. Cover with foil. Tape securely to cake board.
  2. Spread castle with frosting. Place ice cream cone on top of 1/2 gallon carton; frost. Decorate with cookies and candies.
Surround castle with shredded coconut to look like freshly fallen snow.
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