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New research published in the journal BMC Public Health shows that most people are not drinking bottled water because they think it is healthier. People are buying it for the convenience and taste. Most purchasers were already aware that bottled water?s health benefits are negligible.

In fact, the case can made that bottled water is less healthy than tap. It takes more energy to create and to ship bottled water than it does tap. That causes air pollution and air pollution can lead to lung cancer.

One liter of bottled water requires two thousand times more energy to produce than one liter of tap water. Last year, 32-54 million barrels of oil went to creating bottles for water.

From EPA:

Bottled water is not necessarily safer than your tap water. EPA sets standards for tap water provided by public water systems; the Food and Drug Administration sets bottled water standards based on EPA's tap water standards.

If you haven't already garnered from the tone of this post, I think bottled water is a farce. It preys on the assumption that "pure" water is healthier than tap. At one point, the NRDC found that roughly 40% of bottled water is just repackaged, possibly retreated tap.

Also, the United States has one of the safest water supplies in the world. The quality and taste of tap water vary from place to place, but your water supplier is required to give you a report on the safety of your water, where it came from, and the possible contaminants in it. Over 90% of water systems meet the EPA's standards for drinkable water.