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Patricia Wells lives in Provence and she has written a cookbook based on the produce of her garden. This book is not vegetarian, but the focus is entirely on vegetables. One of the many things I like about this cookbook is that it covers more than luscious summer vegetables. She also has included many recipes for the less flashy winter vegetables such as beets, Brussels sprouts and cabbage.

The recipes are written in a straightforward manner, without a lot of fussy preparations and using easy-to-find ingredients. I've made a few things from the book so far and I've been quite happy with the results. Reading through the recipes you can see that they are manageable even for the novice cook.Wells also includes occasional wine suggestions, menu plans, French sayings involving food, and little bits of history about vegetables. My personal favourite is that the ancient Greeks and Romans thought basil would grow only if you screamed wild curses and shouted unintelligibly while sowing the seeds. I'll have to try that.

I can open this book to just about any page and find something I would like to try. I think this is a book that I will see a lot of use is my kitchen, so I'm going to take my copy back to the library and then head out and buy it. Vegetable Harvest by Patricia Wells (2007, William Morrow Cookbooks)

Difficulty level: Easy