kelly rossiter


Every once in a while I make something that leaves lingering food odours in the house. Most things dissipate fairly quickly, but some things hang around for way too long. It's the one thing that I object to about making all the latkes that I do at Hanukkah. The smell of used cooking oil permeates the entire house. I always have to change my shirt as soon as I'm finished cooking and toss it in the washing machine right away, or else the laundry smells of it too. It takes a couple of days to get rid of the smell, because I refuse to buy those weird, chemical smelling air fresheners.

Now that I have my new crock pot, I'm always looking for new ways to use it, so I was very excited to see that you can use it as an air freshener. Luckily, I read about it just before I made my latkes for this year. Before I headed out to the party with my tray of goodies, I put four or five tablespoons of baking soda into the crock pot, added a few drops of my daughter's rosewood essential oil, put in about three cups of water and turned it on to low, leaving the lid off. When I got home about six hours later, there was a still a bit of odour, so I left the crock pot on for a few more hours and that did it. No more cooking odours. You can add lemon, cinnamon , or any other essential oils that appeal to you.

Difficulty Level: Easy

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