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Healthy Eating
Plus One: How Diet Partners Make or Break Your Goals

Having only yourself to rely on when you're trying to lose weight can be tough. In fact, a little help from your friends may be just what you need to make it over the hump and lose that extra weight that's been slowing you down.

Food Labels 101

If you want a quick and easy cheat-sheet to help you take control of your diet, start reading food labels. It's easy to do once you know what you're looking for.

10 Substitute Ingredients for Lighter Cooking

Broccoli casserole and spinach quiche masquerade as health foods. They've got veggies, sure, but they're packed with cream, butter and cheese. You can make your favorite recipes and slim down with these ingredient swaps.

Losing Weight -- Do you have to skip dessert?

For many people looking to lose a little weight, the mere thought of dessert can conjure mixed emotions of guilt and desire. Is it possible to eat healthy, lose a few pounds and enjoy dessert all at the same time?

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One way to stay committed to healthy eating is to give your kitchen a makeover. But don't just banish cookies from the pantry -- add these spices, spreads and oils to your eat-right arsenal.


Decadent Dishes: The Lesser of Evils


Sometimes you just have to give in to cravings. But even when you're about to eat something that's not so healthy, you can still make educated decisions about calories and fat. Can you pick which food will do the least damage to your diet?

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