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How to Never Drink Bottled Water Again

The folks at Treehugger had it right when they argued in favor of drinking tap water instead of supporting the mind-boggling waste factory that is the bottled water industry. So let's put their stance into action with this guide on how to use only tap water?and help banish the curse of that bottled plastic menace once and for all.

The Bottled Water Deception First, we must rid ourselves of the notion that bottled water is 'purer' or healthier than water from the tap?in fact; often it's exactly the opposite. What's more, around 1.5 million barrels of oil are used making bottled water every year, and around 90 percent of them end up in the landfills. That's enough to make any eco-enthusiast reach for the faucet.

Learning to Love the Tap But how can you come to rely on the tap?even if you don't happen to live in New York City or Northern California, where the water tastes great right out of the faucet? Why, with the help of a few eco-friendly products and a little determination, of course.

- The Brita and PUR filters have long been staples in home water filtration--even though they don't remove lead in higher risk areas. They're still a great investment if the tap water of your area tastes a little murky?remember most tap water (in the US) is as safe or safer than bottled water.

- And for those always on the go, this water bottle from Back to the Tap has a Brita-style filter built right it. You'll never have to go without water filtered right from the tap again.

- Even without the water filters, sticking a jug of tap water in the fridge and drinking it when it's cold makes a world of difference in taste.

Take these tips to heart?I can't say it enough times; the bottled water industry is a wasteful beast. So good luck ditching the bottle, and may the faucet be with you.