Watermelon is healthy AND delicious!


Biting into a thick, sweet, drippy slice of watermelon is one of my favorite parts of summer. We go through a lot of it around here, between the little "icebox" watermelons we grow in our garden and the large one's we find at our local farmer's market.

Have you ever noticed how much waste is leftover when you eat a watermelon, though? One big watermelon leaves you with a pretty big pile of leftover rind. What to do with it? You can add it to your compost pile (chopping it up a bit first so it breaks down faster.) You can cut it up and add it to a worm bin. Or, you can eat it -- by pickling it and enjoying it as a snack or alongside grilled pork or chicken. And one large watermelon can provide you with plenty of pickled goodness.