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People are always going on about the benefits of fish eating. "Hey," they say. "Fish is brain food." Well, that might be the case in a natural, unpolluted world, but fish these days is often full of mercury and other contaminates. Mercury does horrible things to your brain. Even farmed fish is problematic and may contain mercury.

Farmed fish may seem like an eco-friendly, healthier way in which to ingest fish. Take salmon for instance. We all like Salmon. Farmed salmon sounds like one of the tastiest, healthiest meals that we could eat. Salmon, however, are predatory fish. That means fish have to be harvested from the oceans and waters in order to feed the salmon.

One salmon, before it is filleted, eats about three fish in its life. It costs three fish to make one salmon fillet. That's a net loss of two fish. Also, those ocean-harvested used-as-fish-food fish may contain mercury. There is no escaping polluted fish even when they are farmed privately.

The world's fisheries are becoming depleted. Some have collapsed. Some are on the brink. The large predatory fish like swordfish and bluefin tuna have decreased by ninety percent. One of the simplest ways to fight against this fiasco is by reducing the amount of fish that you eat. Help the ocean replenish its stock by reducing the amount of fish that you eat. Help your brain by eating less mercury-laden fish.