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5 Special Occasion Cakes

Create a spooky Halloween with cobweb cake.
Create a spooky Halloween with cobweb cake.

In addition to jack-o-lanterns, ghosts, and goblins, Halloween is filled with cobwebs and spiders in creepy haunted houses. Make a round layer cake and frost it with buttercream frosting. Add orange, purple or green food coloring to the frosting to add a spookier effect. Then take black writing icing and starting in the center of the cake create either a spiral of the icing to the outer edge or concentric circles to the outer edge. Once that is complete, take a knife and lightly drag it from the center of the cake to the edge in a straight line. Repeat every few images to create the complete web. Then top the cake with either toy spiders or edible gummy spiders to complete the spooky cake.

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