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Herbs & Spices

Herbs & Spices are an essential ingredient that is frequently overlooked when preparing a dish. Learn how herbs and spices work and how to add them to your meals.

How to Plant and Store Garlic

Sure, you could buy garlic at the store. But it's just as easy to grow your own, and it keeps for months. Find out how to plant, harvest and store garlic.

Why does ginger settle an upset stomach?

The compounds that are responsible for ginger's strong taste can also help soothe your stomach. Learn why ginger soothes upset stomachs. See more »

Why does salt make you thirsty?

Why does salt make you so thirsty? Learn about salt and thirst at HowStuffWorks. See more »

What's the difference between an herb and a spice?

Wondering what's the difference between an herb and spice? Find out and learn all about herbs and spices at HowStuffWorks. See more »

5 Superb Herbs

If you scratch your head over which herbs will best complement your dish; fret no more. Read up on these five superb herbs and get some new recipes here. See more »

10 Essential Chinese Spices and Sauces

There are some essential Chinese spices and sauces that you should always keep on hand. Check out our top 5 essential Chinese spices and sauces. See more »

Spice Pictures

Spice pictures will delight you with brilliant colors and aromas from around the world. Check out these spice pictures and learn how to flavor your food. See more »

Culinary Herb Pictures

Culinary herb pictures will introduce you into the world of cooking from your backyard tactics. Check out culinary herb pictures and learn more. See more »

Garlic Questions

How do you store garlic and can you use it once you see green sprouts? We answer your garlic questions here. See more »

What is Parsley?

There are several types of parsley used in cooking. Learn about curly and flat-leaf parsley here. See more »

What is a Sprig?

A sprig is a small piece of an herb used in cooking. Learn more about sprigs here. See more »