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International Wine Regions

Whether red, white, rose or otherwise, International wines are a perfect addition to any meal you are enjoying. Check out our International wines section and brush up on your viticulture knowledge.

Ultimate Guide to the Apulia Wine Region

Although this diverse wine region is relatively unknown to most people, Apulia is one of the top 10 wine producing regions in the entire world.

Ultimate Guide to the Hawke's Bay Wine Region

Located in the North Island, on the eastern coast of New Zealand, the Hawke's Bay wine region is dominated by flat plains that are perfect for vineyards.

Ultimate Guide to the Marlborough Wine Region

A perfect storm of climate and soil conditions produces the Marlborough region's Sauvignon Blanc -- the most famous New Zealand wine and one of the most popular in the world.

Ultimate Guide to the Nelson Wine Region

Nelson, New Zealand, is a tiny area that produces some big wines. You might have to actually travel there to taste them, but it's a trip well worth taking.

Ultimate Guide to the Northland Wine Region

The country of New Zealand -- and its wine industry -- was born in the Northland region. You might not think a subtropical area with volcanic soil would turn out good wine -- but it does.

Ultimate Guide to the Wairarapa Wine Region

In the young wine culture of New Zealand, the up-and-coming Wairarapa region is starting to capture a lot of attention.

Ultimate Guide to the Trentino-Alto Adige Wine Region

The Trentino-Alto Adige wine region is the northernmost region in Italy's boot; it's at the very top, off to the right. This region is unique because it's comprised of two areas: Trentino and Alto-Adige.

Ultimate Guide to Victorian Wine Regions

Though it is one of Australia's smaller states in terms of land area, Victoria boasts 21 wine regions. It prides itself on its wine culture, making sure to highlight its prize-winning crops with festivals and tours of the Great Grape Road.

Ultimate Guide to the Wellington Wine Region

The luscious green lands of New Zealand are well known by moviegoers who saw the "Lord of the Rings" movie trilogy. But Wellington is also making its mark on the map as one of the world's well-known wine regions.

Ultimate Guide to the Auckland Wine Region

Auckland is one of the most well known cities in New Zealand, but few realize just what an influence the region has on the country's wine industry.

Ultimate Guide to the Bay of Plenty Wine Region

The Bay of Plenty might not be the most well-known -- or productive -- wine region in New Zealand, but it fares well with its small but robust collection of wineries.