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5 Tips for Quick and Easy Mexican Dinners

Who's hungry for some Mexican food tonight?
Who's hungry for some Mexican food tonight?

Mexican food gets a bad rap as a fat laden menu option. Fiesta night at your house doesn't have to be prep intensive and heavy on the calories. Mexican cooking is more about fresh ingredients and bold flavors than about piling on rich, heavy sauces or dunking ingredients in grease. Many Mexican style recipes go together quickly and often use a lot of grains and legumes, which is good news if you're nutrition conscious and working within a tight budget. Combining complimentary vegetable proteins provides all the essential amino acids found in meat -- and at bargain prices. Beans and rice is one example, but there are many others. Let's take a look at five ways you can make a Mexican feast without exhausting yourself. While your family is doing a happy dance, you can cha-cha over to your comfy chair and relax. Now, wouldn't that be nice?

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