Courtesy of Sarah James

Last week we showed you some of our favorite homemade lunchbags—from fabric to oilcloth—that let you trade paper bags or plastic boxes for easy-to-clean totes made from materials you already have on hand. But what about the ingredients you're putting in your bag?

If you're tired of going through sandwich bags at an alarming rate, try this simple sewing project from Instructables user scoochmaroo: a washable sandwich wrap. Find a piece of fabric 18 inches square (you can buy new if you must, but old clothes or scraps from other sewing projects will work, too) and cover the wrong side with fusible vinyl. Then attach a piece of Velcro on opposite sides, and you're finished: just place your sandwich in the middle, fold the non-Velcro edges over and then bring the Velcro together and attach it. Now your sandwich is wrapped like a present in a perfect pocket that keeps it fresh without putting your bag in danger of too-juicy tomatoes or leaking jelly. Plus, once you're ready to eat, you can unfold the wrapper and use it as a placemat.

At the end of the day, spot clean the vinyl side—or just drop the whole thing in the washing machine. Add the wrap to your arsenal of non-disposable lunch gear—including travel silverware and small reusable containers of snacks for a zero-waste lunch.