GMOs Create a Dead Zone

I've written on countless occasions about what these Roundup Ready crops mean for food safety and the environment. Today, according to the New York Times, farmers use five times more weed killers on their crops then they did in 1997, and with 94 percent of soybeans and 72 percent of corn being grown this way, herbicide use has exploded.

"It kills everything," said Lincoln P. Brower, an entomologist at Sweet Briar College who is also an author of the paper documenting the decline of monarch winter populations in Mexico. "It's like absolute Armageddon for biodiversity over a huge area."

As these Roundup Ready crops create a dead zone, they also get rid of weeds that are necessary for other species' survival. Most recently, a number of researchers have studied the decline of migrating Monarch butterflies because Roundup Ready Crops have meant the end to milkweed.

On the next page, learn about milkweed and how it is harming the butterfly population.