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Hot grease from cooking can be incredibly powerful. Unfortunately, it is also gross. Any time you combine gross and powerful, the outcome isn't all that good. Getting rid of grease is something that is really difficult for a lot people. Some people actually throw it straight into the garbage when it's hot. This isn't good for quite a few reasons. For one, it can cause a fire. If it doesn't cause a fire, it can still burn the items in your trash and release chemicals into your home air without you even realizing it. Throwing your grease down a drain or in a toilet is also bad. Grease has been known to clog drains and it's always difficult to fix. There are safe ways to get rid of grease when you're done cooking. If you're looking for some tips on it, try some of these:

- Store your grease in a container that cannot be recycled and throw it out with the regular trash when it's filled.

- Reuse your grease as oil. Believe it or not, you can use this grease again as cooking oil. Why not?

These are just a couple of ideas to make sure that you don't dispose of your grease in a dangerous way.

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