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Digna’s Healthy Chicken Nuggets

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Digna’s Healthy Chicken Nuggets

Digna’s Healthy Chicken Nuggets

Note from the TLC Editors: This recipe is an authentic recipe straight from Digna Carpio's kitchen! Instead of using exact measurements, Digna is a self-taught chef who learned to "eyeball" the amounts of ingredients needed to make all her food delicioso! You can tweak the recipes to suit your tastes.


Eggs (Huevos)
Seasoned bread crumbs (Migas de Pan Sazonadas)
Olive oil (Aceite de Oliva)
Chicken breast (Pechuga de Pollo)


  1. Warm pan on stove top on low heat. Add olive oil (Caliente el sartén en la estufa a fuego lento, agregue aceite de oliva).
  2. Beat eggs (Batir los huevos).
  3. Cover chicken breast in beaten eggs (Regar los huevos batidos sobre las pechugas de pollo).
  4. Dip covered chicken in seasoned bread crumbs (Sumergir las pechugas de pollo en las migas de pan sazonadas).
  5. Saute in pan until chicken is cooked throughout (Saltear en un sartén hasta que el pollo este cocinado).
  6. Serve with mixed vegetables (Sirva con los Vegetales Mixtos).

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