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Layered Ice Cream Cake

Layered Ice Cream Cake

Layered Ice Cream Cake


24 ice cream sandwiches
8 ounces Cool Whip®
2 king-size Butterfinger® candy bars, chopped up
1 squeeze-bottle Hershey's® chocolate syrup
1 squeeze-bottle Smucker's® caramel topping


  1. Arrange in six layers in a 9x13-inch pan:
  2. First Layer: 12 ice cream sandwiches, placed over bottom of pan
  3. Second Layer: half the container of Cool Whip®
  4. Third Layer: half of the chopped-up Butterfinger® bars topped with half of the chocolate syrup and half of the caramel topping
  5. Fourth Layer: the rest of the ice cream sandwiches
  6. Fifth Layer: the rest of the Cool Whip®
  7. Sixth Layer: the rest of the chopped-up Butterfinger® bars, topped with the rest of the caramel topping and the chocolate syrup
  8. Freeze and eat as desired.

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