Blueberry "Fruit Roll-Ups"


I was never allowed to have things like fruit roll-ups in my lunch. My mom just didn?t believe in it. She thought things like fruit roll-ups, fun fruits, and fruit by the foot were a prepackaged, overpriced, sugary mess that she simply refused to put in my lunch. At the time it was devastating. I just wanted the chance to open up that magical packaging and pull that fruity leather sheet from its plastic covering. I wanted to have fun snacks to trade with the other kids at the lunch table. But now I realize that my mother was right, these foods are a waste. A waste of packaging, a waste of calories with zero nutrients, and a waste of the energy that goes into making them. But the thing is you can make similar treats, but better for you, at home. You can make fruit roll-ups that are actually fruit, real fruit in whatever seasonal variety that your heart desires. As blueberries have begun to pop up at the farmers' market, I decided that they could be a fun choice.


4 cups pureed blueberries
½ cup raw honey



  1. Mix the ingredients.
  2. To produce a paper-thin leather, lightly oil a cookie sheet, or cover it with a layer of foil or waxed food wrap.
  3. Spread purée ¼ inch thick, smoothing with a spoon, if necessary, to cover evenly. Place in a 120 to 150 degree oven, leaving the door slightly ajar for steam to escape. Two cookie sheets can be put in the oven at the same time to utilize oven heat more efficiently.
  4. If you prefer not to use the oven, spread the fruit blend on cookie sheets and dry outdoors in the sun. The amount of time it will take to dry will depend on the thickness of the purée and the outdoor temperature. If the sun is hot (and the temperature 80 degrees or more), drying will take approximately 8 to 10 hours.
  5. Cut into uniform sheets, roll them up, and tie a ribbon around them.

    Source: Mary Janes Farm

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