Now that Jasmin has taught us how to make our own notebooks, I have just the thing to fill it with.

When my son first left home, I thought long and hard about what to give him to send him out into the world. I decided to make a recipe book of his favourite meals. When my daughter got her first apartment this fall, I did the same thing for her.

I think this would be a wonderful Christmas gift for someone on your list who is just starting out. University students, young couples, or maybe someone who is just getting interested in cooking would all benefit from your gift.I hand-wrote all of the recipes in my two books, despite my husband's assertion that I was a crazy person for not doing it on the computer. I wanted my children to have a book that they could use 30 years from now that would be in my handwriting. But it is a more time-consuming venture that way, and I spread the work out over a few weeks. So feel free to fire up your computer and speed up the process.

Choose recipes that your family always loved, things that you have made many times. I also included recipes from both my mother and mother-in-law that the children enjoyed. Be sure to mark where the recipe came from i.e., a favourite cookbook, from grandma, or something you made up yourself.

So there you have the perfect Planet Green Christmas present. A gift that is thoughtful, recycles, and keeps you out of the mall!

Difficulty level: Easy