Maryland Steamed Crabs

Maryland Steamed Crabs
Miss Maryland, Brooke Catherine Poklemba, submitted this recipe for Steamed Crabs. Photo
Miss Maryland, Brooke Catherine Poklemba, submitted this recipe for Steamed Crabs.

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2 cups (or more) Water
2 Cans beer
1 cup Old Bay Seasoning
3/4 cup rock salt (optional)
2 dozen Live Maryland Blue Crabs
Use amount equal to amount of water & beerThe best Blue Crabs can be found in Chesapeake Bay or its river branches. For the freshest crabs catch with chicken necks on a trout line off of a piers or boat. Or, purchase them already caught at road side stands!


  1. Crabs must be alive! Discard any dead crabs. Make sure they have been kept on ice and are no older than a few hours.
  2. Use largest pot you can find that has a raised rack (like a canning pot). Raised rack should be minimum 2” high (can use metal rack or homemade wooden planks).
  3. Add equal quantities water/beer mixture with the vinegar to just below the level of the rack.
  4. Using large tongs and wearing heavy pot holder gloves, layer LIVE crabs into pots; sprinkle each layer with OLD BAY and Rock Salt to taste. Keep the pot lid handy and work fast to keep crabs in pot.
  5. Cover & steam until crabs turn red (approx 30 min).
  6. Cover table with brown paper or old news papers and supply your guests with wooden crab hammers, knives and a roll of paper towels!
  7. Drop hot steamed crabs in middle of table for all to share and enjoy!
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