Vegetarian Easter Meal Options
Easter dinner

Even if you pass on pork, Easter dinner can still be delicious. These vegetarian meal options will delight!


Yeah, we know. Being a vegetarian around the holidays can be tough, and being a hostess to vegetarians is no walk in the park, either. From traditional Thanksgiving turkeys to Christmas hams, meat-abstainers have it rough when families get together to break bread and eat animals. But it doesn't have to be that way. There are plenty of delicious vegetarian-friendly options that everyone can enjoy.

With its offerings of honey-glazed hams and Cornish hens, Easter is one holiday that challenges a lot of vegetarians. TLC has some tasty alternatives to the meat-laden meals that are so often associated with this special day. When you're planning the Easter menu, don't forget that vegetarians want complete meals, too -- not just an assortment of sides. Combining foods from different food groups like legumes and grains produces dishes with all the essential amino acids found in meat, creating vegetarian options that are well rounded and filling. The items on our list will get you thinking about how to build a meal around some popular Easter favorites.

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