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Chicken Casserole

Easy chicken chalupas casserole is among our top 10 chicken casserole recipes.
Easy chicken chalupas casserole is among our top 10 chicken casserole recipes.
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Casseroles, chicken casseroles especially, are satisfying in so many ways. They're convenient and easy to prepare; they can be incredibly economical; and, most importantly, they taste great. Chicken casseroles are perfect for weekday family meals, but dress them up just a little and they make great entrees for casual dinner parties. At the bottom of this page, we have links to our top 10 chicken casserole recipes. First, though, we'll offer some basic tips for preparing chicken casseroles.

Chicken Casserole Tips and Techniques

Apple curry chicken casserole.
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Here are a few helpful hints to make turning out great chicken casseroles as easy to do as it they are delicious to eat:

  • Casseroles that call for cooked chicken are a great way to use up leftovers. No leftover chicken in the fridge? Pick up a fully cooked rotisserie from your supermarket and save yourself the hassle of roasting your own.
  • Pasta or rice should be slightly undercooked until tender but still chewy. The pasta or rice will continue to cook during baking.
  • Chicken casseroles are easy to make in advance and freeze until needed. Just line a casserole dish with plastic wrap, then lightly spray with nonstick cooking spray. Follow instructions but do not bake; instead seal with plastic wrap and freeze. Once frozen solid, the casserole can be removed from the dish and placed in a plastic storage bag. To bake, remove casserole from freezer the night before you wish to bake it; unwrap it and place in the original casserole dish. Defrost in the refrigerator and then bake in a preheated oven as the recipe directs.
Cheesy chicken enchiladas casserole
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Top 10 Chicken Casserole Recipes

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