Canned Cranberry Sauce

David Lat Leftover canned cranberry sauce doesn't need to be the same old thing!

David Lat

What Can You Do with a Can of Whole Berry Cranberry Sauce?

This is the perfect time of year to grab a can of instant help when you're mad-dashing through the day. Why not grab the cranberry sauce? Of course, it's been around a long time -- even your grandparents relied on it as a convenience product. But simply opening the can and putting it in a bowl is sometimes not enough for our "multi-purpose"world.

So rethink it! To start, there's no set rule that it has to be used only during the holidays. Cranberry sauce is not a seasonal food; it's available year-round. Look at it from a different angleā€¦think of it in terms of a fruit that's simply sweetened, thickened and waiting to be used.

For example:

  • Add a cup to cake batter to add moisture, flavor and texture
  • Add it to smoothies for a boost of flavor and fiber
  • Whisk it into your favorite BBQ sauce for a fruit twist
  • Heat it with chili sauce and a dash of ground red pepper and simmer cocktail sausages or precooked meatballs for a few minutes for an easy appetizer
  • For a quick pancake or waffle topping, mix it with corn syrup, orange juice and some grated orange peel
  • Make a spread or glaze for poultry and meats by mixing it with a small amount of whole-grain Dijon mustard and a bit of brown sugar
  • Or serve it as a side dish, stirring in some grated orange peel or fresh ginger to give a new taste to an old favorite

Do you have more left over than cranberries? See the next page for more creative ideas on using other leftovers from a holiday meal.

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