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You want to be an organic gardener, you really do. You've attracted beneficial insectsand birds to watch over your garden. You've planted some marigolds to ward off nematodes. You've even planted gopher purge to, uhm, purge gophers, but you still have whiteflies and aphids everywhere.

You are at wit's end. You're just about to go out and buy pesticides. "Well, wait," I would say if you were actually having this discussion with me. (I am aware that we are not actually speaking.) And you might say. "Okay. I will wait." And then I would tell you this.

You can make all-natural pesticides from the garlic that you are growing in your garden. You'll not have to worry about those horrible chemicals, unless you are Nosferatu. Garlic-based pesticides ward off aphids, cabbage loopers, grasshopper, June bugs, leafhoppers, mite, squash bug, slugs and whiteflies. Garlic also prevents fungus and has antibacterial properties.