Spicy foods taste great. Most people enjoy a healthy dose of seasoning on their entrees. It makes for an exciting and interesting meal. However, breathing inoffensively around people may be difficult afterwards. A lot of people reach for a stick of gum or a roll or box of mints after an excessively spicy meal, but there is a better alternative to fight bad breath. That alternative is the apple.

Apples have very little packaging waste. Bubble gum, on the other, hand is a problematic product. Gum never biodegrades. When you throw your gum out the window, the rain doesn't wash it away. It just stays there on the sidewalk forever. Well, not forever. I mean, many major cities have crews that go around cleaning up bubble gum off the street. It takes a lot of resources to cover your bad breath.

Mints are better, but some come in plastic containers. Sure, you can reuse those containers to hold glitter or stickers but how many mint boxes can you sensibly reuse? How many boxes end up in the landfill? Apples are the eco-friendly way to freshen your breath.

Apples contain pectin which helps control food odors. There is no need to cram your face full of gum. An apple will make your breath hospitable for close-proximity talking. Apples are also good for your teeth. So those dentists that recommend gum are sure to recommend apples as well. And you know what they say about apples and doctors.