Liza McCorkle/istockphoto


News that the Nation's first state-licensed raw food culinary academy is opening in Oklahoma got me thinking. For some reason I've always found the zeal and dogma displayed by some members (by no means all!) of the raw food movement as decidedly off-putting—and yet their argument is hard to counter. As noted in our guide to Green Foods—the less you cook and process your ingredients, the more nutritious they are likely to be.

What's always bothered me has been the idea that it has to be all or nothing. After all, many of us snack on raw vegetables and fruits, eat salads, drink freshly squeezed juices, and generally enjoy a diet rich in 'living foods' without even batting an eye-lid. Maybe we all need to think about "eating more raw", and maybe that means dropping the idea of raw food as a movement, and more as a cooking method (or 'non-cooking' method, to be more precise). Here are just a few of the raw food delights I've enjoyed in the last few weeks—I'd love to hear some suggestions for others: