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Cutting back on meat consumption seems to be all the rage these days. After all, meat is a pretty inefficient (not to mention expensive) way of getting our daily calories. By cutting out the middle man (or cow) we can get our nutrition directly from plants, rather than waiting for those plants to be processed through an animal, with all of the emissions, pollution and wasted resources that that process entails. Going vegetarian can reduce your carbon footprint by a ton. But you don't have to become a vegan to make a difference.

Becoming "flexitarian"—a person who eats mostly vegetarian can be a great way to cut your carbon footprint without giving up the sins of the flesh entirely. Some folks, like TreeHugger founder Graham Hill, are becoming weekday vegetarians. Others, urged on by Sir Paul McCartney, are simply declaring a meat-free Monday.

But what if you are one of those people for whom a meal is just not a meal without some meat? Fear not. Chances are you can still do a lot to reduce your intake. Let's face it, meat hasn't always been at the center of the meal. Here are a few ideas to get you started on some low meat meals:

How to Eat Less Meat