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Regional American Cuisine can often be traced back to some of the first inhabitants of each geographic region of America: the colonial northeast, the Cajun and "country" southeast, the hearty explorers of the Midwest and the Latin influence of the southwest.

Midwestern Cuisine is characterized by its Scandinavian and Northwestern European roots. Midwestern cuisine is dominated by a "meat and potatoes" tendency.

Northeastern Cuisine is heavily influenced by the sea, a constant supply of food and wealth to this area. Creams and rich textures also play a big role in many recipes within Northeastern Cuisine.

Southern Cuisine is also known as "comfort food" and often contain more than their fair share of fried foods, Cajun and Creole spices as well as heavy starches.

Southwestern Cuisine takes a cue from its original Latin and Spanish settlers. Many people lump Southwestern Cuisine with Mexican Cuisine, and have created a "Tex-Mex" style of food that is also very popular.