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Sweets & Snacks

Sweets & Snacks make food interesting. Read how chocolate works, how ice cream works and even why Krispy Kreme doughnuts are absolutely irresistible.

10 Things You Wouldn't Think Would Be Good with Chocolate -- But Are

Willy Wonka may have developed a number of unusual chocolate-covered inventions at his famous factory, but even his strangest confections can't beat some real-life combinations people are trying.

Would You Pay $56 for Five Potato Chips?

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What's the Deal With Bubblegum Flavor?

Forget those breath-freshening flavors; bubblegum-flavored gum is where it's at. HowStuffWorks Now investigates where the famous flavor came from. See more »

Why is sugar sticky?

Sugar becomes sticky when mixed with water. But why? Find out why sugar is sticky at HowStuffWorks. See more »

How Junk Food Works

Junk food is a miracle of edible engineering. Learn about the history and science behind junk food. See more »

Why do sweet and salty taste so good together?

Sugar and salt combined in the right proportions can turn a snack into a perfect treat. Find out why this combination is so alluring. See more »

Is chocolate addictive?

Can you truly become physically dependent on chocolate? Find out if science supports the claims of chocolate addiction. See more »

10 Easy Poolside Snacks

Summer days by the pool call for delicious, nutritious snacks that are quick to prepare. Learn 10 easy poolside snacks. See more »

10 Unexpected Ice Cream Flavors and Ingredients

Check out these 10 unexpected ice cream flavors and ingredients. We dare you to try them! See more »

What is nougat?

Nougat is the stuff inside candy bars that makes them so fluffy and delicious. Check out this article and learn all about what nougat is. See more »

10 Great Snack Ideas for the Beach

Are you looking for some great snack ideas for the beach? Check out these 10 great snack ideas for the beach. See more »