Butter Chicken

All photos courtesy of Kelly Rossiter

Other than the ubiquitous fast food hamburger or fried chicken, it seems to me that the majority of take-out foods come from cuisines other than American. Pulling together the material for this post made my wonder why that is. Do we order Chinese food because we don't normally have the ingredients for it in our pantries? Do we order Indian food because it's too foreign to cook it ourselves? Do we take-out fried chicken because we are afraid to deep fry something?

Well, if it's fear that drives you to the telephone, then help is here. We've got 25 delicious take-out favourites that you can make in your own home, often in the same amount of time—and fraction of the cost—that it takes to have it delivered. There are green benefits to making your own dinner rather than ordering in. You don't have someone driving through the streets to bring your food, but perhaps most importantly you aren't awash in a ridiculous amount of packaging that is used for half an hour and then goes straight into the garbage. Not only that, but cooking at home is healthier for you when you can control the amount of fat and salt in each dish.

And of course, the other fabulous benefit of making your own take-out food is keeping more of your hard earned money in your pocket. Making your own food is always going to be cheaper than ordering in. If my husband and I order a pizza it costs about $20.00 and if I make it myself I figure it costs me about $12.00 in ingredients and we usually get two meals out of it. The butter chicken my husband loves so much costs $12.00 for two people at our local Indian restaurant. I just made it last week for eight people and it cost me $30.00

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