Do you eat organic food?


September is Organic Harvest Month. Designated each September by the Organic Trade Association (OTA), Organic Harvest Month is designed to encourage people to buy and/or consume more certified organic products.

As the group says on its website "the objective of Organic Harvest Month is to highlight organic agriculture and the growing organic products industry. September is also an ideal time for consumers and retailers to celebrate the bounty of the organic harvest."

As OTA points out, organic farming is all about agriculture that builds healthy soils and protects the environment.

As I've written about before on Care2, there are an increasing number of organic products available including organic flowers, chocolate, and wine.

Don't just think organic for your produce, but for other things like beverages, dairy products, and dessert. You can even find organic cotton in many everyday products such as table linens, t-shirts, sheets, bathrobes, and slippers.

There are some simple ways to go organic to celebrate the month and to gradually shift over to the organic lifestyle. Here are a few to get you started.