Play Dress-up with Decorative Liners and Sleeves
cupcake liners

Cheerful cupcake liners perk up basic chocolate or vanilla cakes.


Liners prevent cupcakes from sticking to a muffin tin, and they make transporting your baked goods infinitely easier. They also add a little attitude to their presentation. Cupcake liners come in a rainbow of colors, patterns and materials, such as paper or foil. Cupcake sleeves are similar, but they're purely for decoration. Wrap them around the outside of the liner. Also called "cuffs" or "wrappers," they can either sit a bit higher than the frosting line or lower, covering only the liner. Some sleeves feature a cutout design, which shows through to the liner. If this stained window effect is what you're going for, use a different color liner and wrapper to accentuate the pattern on the cuff.