Chili-Rubbed Grilled Vegetable Kabobs
Other Great Grilled Veggies

Corn, onions and peppers are some of the best vegetables for kabobs, but other veggies taste great grilled too. To switch things up, try grilling zucchini, summer squash, endive, radicchio, mushrooms and fennel.

You can fire up the grill for more than just meat; it's a great way to cook vegetables, too. Impress your guests with these kabobs, which feature colorful veggies in the perfect portion sizes. This recipe calls for a chili rub that really brings out the flavors of bell peppers, red onions and corn.

When preparing the vegetables, cut them in even pieces, making sure they're thick enough to stay on the skewer. Use thin metal -- not wood -- skewers so they won't burn and tear the vegetables like larger metal skewers can. Be sure to turn them regularly to ensure that the veggies cook evenly.