Beef Loin Strip Steak
strip steak

New York Strips becomes all the more tender over an open fire.


The New York strip steak may be the most classic cut of meat you can throw over a hot fire. It's cut from the top loin muscle, which isn't very heavily used. As a result, the strip steak is one of the more tender cuts of beef you can sink your teeth into. A well-cut strip steak has a thin ring of fat around the steak and has plenty of marbling -- the tiny specks and streaks of fat running through the beef. Some people go for heavy marinades, but a good cut of strip steak requires little more than salt and pepper and a hot grill. Rubbing the steak with some olive oil, crushed garlic and rosemary is another simple and delicious strip option. Depending on the size, a strip steak should get about four to six minutes per side over a 350-degree Fahrenheit (176.6-degree Celsius) grill for medium rare.