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Poultry Guide

The Poultry Guide is a collection of tips and advice that will aid you in selecting and cooking poultry. Learn about how to roast a whole turkey, fillet a chicken breast and much more.

How to Cook a Turkey

Preparing a classic holiday turkey is easier than it looks, but it does take some careful planning and timing. Get tips on how to properly grill, roast and carve a turkey.

Turkey Carving 101

Turkey carving should be a top priority if you want your Thanksgiving dinner to look perfect. Check out turkey carving 101 to learn it all. See more »

Turkey Questions

You've got turkey questions, we've got turkey answers. Find answers to your thawing, preparing, cooking, and storing turkey questions. See more »

What is Spatchcock?

Spatchcock refers to a method of preparing chicken so it can be cooked quickly. Learn more about how to spatchcock chicken here. See more »

Fried Chicken Questions

Ever wonder why you should marinate chicken in buttermilk before frying? Find out why buttermilk should be used for fried chicken. See more »

Questions about Cooking Chicken

How much do you know about cooking chicken? Find common questions about cooking chicken, answers, and tips to help with your next chicken dinner. See more »

Cooking Chicken

Cooking chicken is relatively easy to do, and once you've mastered the techniques, you can create more dishes than you can imagine. Learn tips here. See more »

How to Cook Chicken

Learn how to cook chicken, whether your preferred method is baking, stir-frying, roasting, or all of the above. You'll find many tips here. See more »

How to Cook a Turkey

Learn how to cook a turkey in this article, ether by roasting or grilling. You will also find tips on carving turkey at HowStuffWorks. See more »

How to Buy Chicken

Preparing good chicken recipes can be easy and fun. We'll teach you how to buy chicken, and give you safety tips for storing and handling raw chicken. See more »