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Flowers are sweet. When the hot little delivery guy (or girl- whatever your preference) appears at your doorstep with a vase full of fresh blossoms, even incessant stomach spasms are miraculously cured- no thanks to the flowers. But, eventually, the sweet scent turns putrid and, in your sick state, you do all you can to stay as far away from the once lovely blooms as the stench infiltrates your home- nice bonus when you finally get back your sense of smell! You wait until you just can't stand it anymore and, plugging your nose and blowing out, you grab the vase and toss the entire thing in the dumpster outside. So much for sweet nothings, not to mention- not a green gesture at all (unless they are organic flowers, which is a little better…).

Next time a friend, family member or co-worker is under the weather, maybe think of another way to send your well wishes. An e-card is fine if you are a firm believer in the "it's the thought that counts" mantra. A mailed card is kinder. Or, instead of the obvious get-well-soon gestures, send something that will really lift your loved one's spirits- like, for example, a cup of chicken soup. Yes, mounting studies have been served up as proof that old-fashioned chicken soup really does ease cold symptoms, plus you'll get some serious kudos for creativity! Mounting studies have been served up proving that old-fashioned chicken soup really does ease cold symptoms! Whip up a batch of chicken soup and deliver it with a nice card (you can wear a mask if you'd like, so that you don't get infected by their flu). Not in the mood to slave in the kitchen, not even for the closest of friends? Grandma's Chicken Soup will deliver a generous size of chicken noodle or matzo ball soup, a personalized greeting, plus other healing items to help your friend recuperate. And if dinner keeps forgetting to make itself, send some to yourself too, you know, as a preventative measure.


Try these tips to avoid this sick season altogether:

-Don't Stress About Getting Sick! Stress has been proven to weaken the immune system.

-Work Up A Sweat- Cardio exercise does more than burn off calories, it help circulate your blood, pumping germ-fighting cells through your body and washing away toxins. In fact, 45 minutes of exercise, five days a week has been shown to minimize the amount of sick days by up to 50 percent. Do a Quickie Workout in Bed if you don't want to go out and brave this bizarre weather.

-Stay Alkaline- A healthy acid/alkaline balance preserves optimum health and wellbeing, increased immune function, and weight loss. Up your alkaline, insert a few of these basic alkaline foods into your diet: fruits, vegetables, sea vegetables, grains, miso, tofu, spices, sprouted beans and nuts, and dairy foods.