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Johnny Trigg and the Smokin' Triggers' Whole Hog

Note from the TLC Editors: This recipe is an authentic BBQ Pitmasters recipe. Our Pitmasters are really spontaneous and like to create their recipes on the fly, so measurements and cook times are a little loose. Tweak the recipes to suit your tastes and check out How to Grill Food for more tips.


whole hog
grape juice
apple juice
brown sugar
seasoning salt
black pepper
red pepper
brown sugar
onion flakes
tomato sauce
corn syrup


  1. Minimal trimming. Cut underneath ribs to separate from hog.
  2. Inject into ham, shoulders, loins and bacon. Wrap in foil and place in pit backside down. Cook at 300-350 for 3 hours. Burn wood for smoke flavor.

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