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Before you dismiss the possibility of ever consuming seaweed, consider this: Most of you probably eat processed sea vegetables every day. They're used as thickeners and stabilizers in a variety of packaged foods. But the greener, more nutritious, and certainly most delicious way to indulge in seaweed is in its unprocessed form. We're talking about safely edible marine algae found on or near ocean shores that can be a valuable source of a wide array of nutrients. Sea vegetables are believed to be detoxifying and beneficial to the thyroid. In a Macrobiotic lifestyle, they are used to "cleanse the lymphatic system, stimulate stagnant liver energy, alkalize the blood." In fact, their concentrated nutrient profile has led to the suggestion that sea vegetables only be consumed in relatively small quantities.

Sea veggies can be used to generate electricity or to make underwear but best of all, they are a nutritious addition to your already earth-friendly diet.

8 Ways to Get By With a Little Kelp From Your Friends (along with a couple of recipes that the tide brought in):