Have you ever made lamb ragu?

Kelly Rossiter

Here are 5 weekday vegetarian meal suggestions for the upcoming week:

Chickpea Curry

Lentils and Beet Greens

Garlic Pasta

Mediterranean Barley and Tofu

Lentil Ricotta Balls

If you are going to eat meat once or twice a week, you want to make that meal worth your while. This recipe fits the bill admirably. Go to a good butcher and get yourself an organic piece of lamb shoulder. Then you have to give yourself some time to make this dish because there is a marinating time of at least two hours and you have to cook the dish for another two hours. Trust me, this is really worth the time you put into it.

I think this sauce is the closest I've made to something you would get in a restaurant. By the time the sauce was ready to eat the lamb was so tender that it practically melted on the tongue. It's quite a rich dish and a little bit goes a long way, but it was incredibly delicious. I'm glad I made the extra effort of making my own pasta for it as well. It's not something I would make often, but I would definitely make it for an elegant dinner party.

I used my roasted red peppers rather than fresh peppers and it worked out extremely well.