10 Best Canned Items to Keep on Hand


Broth and Condensed Soup

Soup is good for the soul.
Soup is good for the soul.
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Canned soup has been a staple in American homes for generations. In 1897, Dr. John T. Dorrance invented a concentrated canned soup product that used less packaging, was cheaper to ship and required less shelf space. It was an instant success, and the Campbell's Soup Company was born.

Soup is a natural for a quick meal in itself or as a foundation for other dishes. If you want to experiment, try a basic beef, chicken or vegetable stock and create your own masterpiece. You'll still be saving hours over making the stock from scratch. Need something heartier than a thin broth? How about using a cream soup, like mushroom, broccoli, celery or asparagus, in your next casserole or side dish? If you stock up on canned soup, you'll always have options.