10 Diet Tips Doctors Want You to Hear

Your doctor spent several years in school to learn how the human body works. Trust him: He knows how you can shed pounds and get fit. See more food pyramid pictures.
Thomas Northcut/Getty Images

One pie-crust promise that often tops lists of New Year's resolutions is to get fitter by going on a diet. But most people fall off the health bandwagon just a few weeks after making this weight-loss vow. As many health professionals will tell you, there's no such thing as a temporary or quick fix when it comes to fitness.

Whether he or she tells you the brutally honest truth or takes a more demure approach, your doctor wants you to hear -- loudly and clearly -- that fad diets don't work. One diet tip your doctor may offer is to eat frequent, small meals to boost your metabolism, fueling the fat-burning process. He or she also yearns for your "aha moment," when you realize there's no way to get around exercise to reach your perfect weight (and to maintain it).

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