10 Diet Tips Doctors Want You to Hear

Plan Ahead

To reclaim your svelte physique, you'll need to plan ahead for eating. First, make a point to eat breakfast every day, preferably with in one hour of waking. That sets your metabolism for the day. When you skip breakfast, you may actually gain weight because your body goes into starvation mode, storing rather than burning all of the calories you take in for the rest of the day.

Instead of getting takeout for lunch every day, pack your lunch at home, along with some snacks to eat throughout the work day or when you're out running errands. Use the same concept when you're planning a day trip, going on vacation or relaxing at home. Time the frequency of your meals, munchies and beverages; mini meals throughout the day are known to reduce dangerous binge eating by managing hunger [source: Mayo Clinic].

If you're the meat and potatoes type, you may be disappointed to learn that you should limit your intake of red meat. Some doctors liken it to alcohol (something your body doesn't need to survive) and recommend eating none at all [source: Flowers]. But by planning ahead (or paying a premium for lean cuts like filet mignon), you can have your beef. Jot out a menu for the week, and schedule one meal that includes red meat. The rest of the days, opt for fish, chicken and plant protein selections.

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